Greenville Drywall and Plaster Repair


Most Wall And Ceilings Repairs Are Completed​ In
Less Than 3 days After Your First Phone Call
We Work 7 Days A Week
Smaller repairs and working weekends is never a problem. We try to schedule estimates before 9:00 AM seven days a week in Greenville and Upstate SC. Plaster and drywall repairs for walls and ceilings are scheduled at a time that's convenient for you and around your schedule.

Local Verifiable References Provided
On our first visit you'll be provided with a list of Greenville area references with phone numbers so you can verify that we'll always do what we say.

The Experience You're Looking For
With 30 years experience in Greenville plaster repair and Greenville drywall repair there's no wall or ceiling repair that hasn't been seen before. We repair drywall and plaster in the Greenville SC area and have many years of local drywall repair experience.

Existing Popcorn Ceilings Repaired
Because we use modern quick setting joint compounds most popcorn ceiling repairs can be completed with only one visit required. We've been repairing popcorn ceilings and performing all types of ceiling repairs in the Greenville SC area for over 20 years.

Popcorn Ceiling Problems Easily Solved
We'll prep your home by covering the affected walls, flooring, furniture and ceiling fixtures with plastic sheeting. tarps, etc. After removing the scraped popcorn we'll repair any minor damage the popcorn texture originally covered up and re-finish the entire ceiling. The end result will be a modern smooth ceiling that looks brand new.

Wall and Ceiling Textures Matched
We're We can match Crows Foot, Stipple and Brush textures including most varieties of machine sprayed textures such as Popcorn, Knock Down and Orange Peel plus most hand textures that have been used or are being used in the Greenville SC area.
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